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Supersu Zip Download – Latest Supersu Zip File Download

Your device is not rooted but still want to install supersu zip? Don’t worry! In this post, we are going to tell how to download and install Supersu Zip files. Also, we are going to tell how you can download Old version of Supersu zip?

So without wasting any further time let’s get started.

supersu zip

About Supersu Zip

Supersu is a root management tool which helps you to access root. Zip Files is only for the user who didn’t root their phone and wants to install it. However, this process will root their phone and install supersu application also.

Using zip file of supersu is the most stable option to install the supersu binary in their non-rooted device. However, in some case, supersu zip installation is not mandatory. You can just install the Supersu apk and you will be ready to go.

How To Download Supersu Zip Files?

It is very easy to download Supersu Zip files. Just click the download now button from below and download will start. All the download links are super fast and very easy to use. No need to solve and captcha or wait.

Latest Version Of Supersu Zip

Here is the latest supersu zip flashable file. Just click the download button and your download will start. Links are super fast and we have used the most powerful download servers on the internet.

   Download Latest Zip File

We have also listed the old versions of zip files. You can find the files from below.

Old Versions Of Supersu Zip

Here is the old versions of supersu zip files. Just click on the download button and download will be started.

Recovery V2.79  

Recovery V2.78  

Recovery V2.76  

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Pros & Cons Of Supersu Zip

Here we are going to discuss the pros & cons of flashable zip files of supersu. We are going to decide the good effects of supersu files.

Here are the pros of Supersu Zip File –

  • Zip files are very easy to install, and it gives you more success rate.
  • If you don’t root your device previously then you can easily root your device and install the supersu.
  • No need to download any extra application to root your device.
  • 99% Success rate of rooting.
  • You can uninstall when even you want, Without any problem.

Here are the cons of Supersu Zip File:-

  • If you don’t follow the steps carefully then you can break your phone.
  • Supersu apk will automatically install on your phone and you can’t uninstall it because it will be your system app.
  • Sometimes zip file can prompt you some errors which are a little bit hard to solve.
  • You need to install any custom recovery on your phone to install zip.

Final Words

If you want to install supersu apk and you want to root your phone then this is the best method. Sometimes the supersu apk method can fail. But zip file method always works for everyone. If you already a supersu user then you can use the application very well.

If you like this post then please share this post with your friends. Also if you face any kind of problems then comment down below our expert team will contact you soon.

Also, beware to follow the steps carefully. Because supersu files can break your phone if you flash team in a worng way. So, first of all, check the steps carefully then go for it.

Thank you for reading this post.