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Have you rooted your phone? But you are not satisfied with your current root management tool? Supersu Apk is one of the most popular Root Management tools for Android. However, it is 100% free and very easy to use. Also, Supersu Apk is the most popular root management tool available on the internet.

Supersu app is developed by Chainfire and Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC join R&D. CCMT is headquartered in the U.S. They are mainly a US-based company.

supersu apk

About Supersu Apk

Supersu apk helps it’s users to protect and maintain their phone after root/jailbreak. You can give root permission to any application by just one click. No need to maintain or check anything when Supersu is installed in your rooted phone.

This tool only works when you have root access on your phone. Supersu apk is basically a root management tool. It will help you to protect your Android device from different kind of viruses. Because when you root your phone any application which is malicious can steal or data or harm your phone.

Currently, Supersu is available on Android devices but very soon we are going to launch in IOS. Here you can find three versions of Supersu:-

  1. Supersu Free
  2. Supersu Pro
  3. Supersu Beta

This super access management tool doesn’t show any kind of advertisements. So no push notifications or anything from our side. Also, Supersu follows the playstore application guideline rules which are pretty good for security loving people.

Features Of Supersu Apk

Supersu Apk features

As it is the most popular super access management tool, We all know it has some awesome features inside. It has very unique and awesome features in it.

Here we have decided to list the most important features which are not provided by any other root management tools. So We have listed the best features of Supersu Apk.

Here are the features of Supersu App:-

  • The best feature in supersu is that it will track every application which is accessing the root. It will notify you if any application misbehaves or send some data to an unknown server.
  • Supersu is 100% free and ad-free application. No need to use your credit card or anything to purchase.
  • When an application request for root permission it will always notify the user and never grant permission automatically.
  • It will scan your device 24*7 and check every file and give feedback to the user.
  • You can also unroot your device from this application. However, you have to follow some rules for that.
  • It also works on recovery mode.
  • Supersu apk logs every application individually. You can check every application’s log anytime you want.
  • You can uninstall any bloatware or any unwanted system application.
  • Supersu takes update every month.
  • It also detects deep process.
  • You can also change themes and icons from Supersu apk
  • It also helps you to stop draining your battery.
  • It will help you with any kind of issues related to root management.

Supersu Apk Information

Here is the applications details of supersu apk. You can find the version and last updated data of Supersu.

Latest App VersionLatest App Version
Last Update27/05/2017
File Size5.93 MB
Supported DPIsnodpi
Android Version Require2.3+

Download Supersu Apk [Latest]

how to download supersu apk

Just clicks the download link and download will start. Also, we have added the playstore option for the better result.

We have provided the original apk file.


   Click Here To Download

Here is the playstore link of the application. If you don’t have enough space to download from playstore. You can use the direct download option above. We have added the fastest server for download.

   Play Store

Download Supersu Apk Old Versions

Yes we have added the old versions of supersu apk. You can download all of the old versions of supersu which is available on the internet. We have used the best possible servers on the internet.




Here is the oldest of versions of supersu apk:-







The old version of supersu apk is for the old devices. If you are not using the current Android version. It is better to use the old versions of supersu. It is very helpful for your device. Otherwise, sometimes the new version of supersu apk crash on the old version of the Android system.Although buy lottery and check lottery results from this website.

Download Supersu Zip

supersu zip

Here are the latest Supersu Zip files for the recovery flash method. We have added the latest and the old zip files. All the links are direct download links and super fast servers. You can flash supersu zip using any custom recovery tool. We always prefer to use TWRP recovery tool. It is the best compatible with our zip files.

You can also use the other recovery tools, Which one you love most.

Here is the latest version of Supersu Zip

Latest SuperSU Zip

Just click the download button and download will start. We have used the fast cloud servers as the download server.

Supersu Zip Old Versions

Here is the old versions of Supersu Zip file. You can use the file if your device is old. Old operating system (eg: Kitkat) supports our old zip versions

Recovery V2.79  

Recovery V2.78  

Recovery V2.76  

Just flash the zip files using TWRP recovery or any other recovery tool. If you don’t know how to flash supersu zip files the don’t worry we have added installation guide too. Scroll down for the tutorial.

How To Install Supersu Apk?

how to install supersu apk

Installing supersu apk is very easy. No need any kind of technical knowledge for this. Just follow our tutorial carefully.

Installation guide for Rooted Users

If you device is pre-rooted then just install the supersu apk file from the above link. After downloading the apk file just follow the below steps –

Step 1:- Just install the application of Supersu. If you have not enabled the unknown source installation then check the option before installing.

Step 2:- Open the application and if you find any error called ” SU Binary Occupied ” then don’t worry just download the old version from our website.

SuperSu zip

Step 3:- Now open the old version supersu apk. Now you can see a dialog box ” SU Binary needs to be updated ” you can see an option called ” Continue ” and then tap ” Normal “.

SuperSU zip download

Step 4:- After that wait couple of minutes and when the update will complete, Just reboot your phone.

Step 5:- When the reboot is complete. Then go to playstore and update the supersu apk file. If the dialog box comes again then follow the step again and don’t update the apk file.

Installation Guide For Non-Root Users

If you haven’t rooted your phone then just follow the steps and install supersu zip. In this tutorial, we are using TWRP recovery. So please use TWRP recovery if you want to follow our method. So let’s get started.

We always recommand you to make backup of you content for safty purpose. We are not responsable for any kind of damage

Step 1:- Download the latest zip from our website. [You can find the download link of supersu zip above on the page]

Step 2:- Next move the downloaded zip file on the root of your storage. If you have external SD card then move your downloaded zip file on the root. Do not put your file into any folder. Also, you can use your internal storage also.

Step 3:- Now shut down your phone and wait 10-15 second. If you have the removable battery option, then remove the battery and re-insert it. Now reboot into your recovery mode Press power button + volume down button for few seconds.

Step 4:- If you are using TWRP recovery then you can find an option called ”  Install ” Tap on the install button.

Step 5:- Now find your zip file, In Twrp SDcard = Internal Storage SDcard1 = External Sdcard . If you put the zip file on the root of any storage then you can find it on the bottom of the screen. We have added screenshots for the guide, follow the screenshot.

SuperSu zip TWRP


Step 6:- Tap on ” Wipe Cache & Dalvik ” and Swipe to wipe, After the flash method.

Step 7:- Now reboot your system and check supersu apk is installed correctly or not.

” If you have any doubt please comment down below, our experts will solve the issue for you” 

Cautions Of Supersu Apk

Supersu apk is a root management tool, so you need to root your phone first If your phone is not rooted then rooting will void your warranty. So beware before rooting your device. Also, remember that if you don’t follow the steps carefully it can break your phone.

We are not responsible for any kind of damage. Sometimes the unrooting process can be failed in the application. If you have any kind of problem then feel free to comment down below.

Final Words & Opinions

One of the best root management tool is Supersu apk. We have already a good response on playstore and other app reviewing sites. Our free tools are way better than other paid tools. 75% of root users are using Supersu zip flashable file. Also, they already rated 5 star on the playstore.

You can check the reviews on the playstore. We don’t take your sensitive information or hurt your privacy. Supersu never sends any kind of personal information on their server. They just log the errors.

If you like the post and supersu apk then please rate this post 5 star and leave your comment. Thank you.